It is terrifying to observe the recent series of events in which the Russia and NATO are doing heavy military operations which has increased a probability of World War 3 between nations.

Earlier this month, Russia ordered its citizens to perform a “nuclear attack drill” which raised questions all around the world. Russian officials responded that the drill was performed because it was necessary, as they believe the west wants to launch nuclear strikes to the country.


NATO is back!

A large-scale military exercise has been observed in the Baltic states and eastern Europe. It was a 10-day exercise which witnessed over 31,000 participants from 24 nations gather in Poland in a display of strength.

The eight-strong attack flotilla passed the coast of the UK and triggered strongly-worded responses from NATO and Europe’a military powerhouses.


Russia’s operations

Russia has announced their plans for air, sea and land exercises. The programme includes dozens of large-scale manoeuvres and anti-terror drills, while the NATO is also performing its operations at the eastern Europe.

Here’s the look inside the powerful Russian Army.

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Russia’s defense minister said that the drills would be performed from now until the end of October including other countries like Belarus and Mangolia.

Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said the training period would be “intensive”.

Nato officials have accused Russia of secretly gathering troops at Europe’s border by pretending to carry out training drills.

Russia revealed to the world their nuclear bomb recently which is named Satan II.

NATO operations in eastern Europe
NATO operations in eastern Europe
Russia’s military announced plans for more than 2,000 air, sea and land exercises over the summer
Russia’s military announced plans for more than 2,000 air, sea and land exercises over the summer
Russian tanks on exercise
Russian tanks on exercise

Russia has called over dozen of drills in this years which has started to question about their real intentions  behind. During the time of Cold War, Russia was an ally of India while US supported Pakistan.

Recently, Russia also participate in a joint military exercise with Pakistan while U.S is joining Philippines in the military exercise.

All these events leads to a possible World War 3, since it’s not just Russia and US, but in Asia, things are heating up between India and Pakistan too. Everyday, there is a violation of ceasefire in this subcontinent, killing soldiers of both countries as well as civilians.