UN: US-Backed Saudi Coalition Responsible for Deaths of 42 Refugees in Yemen


Numerous Humans rights investigators including the U.N are accusing the U.S backed Saudi Coalition of carrying a deadly attack in March on a Somali Migrant boat off Yemen.

The coalition forces have been engaged in a proxy war with Iran fighting their “proxy force in the region,” Houthi fighters. According to investigators, the attack killed 42 people and injured over 30. One Yemeni sanctions monitor wrote in an 185 page report given to the U.N that: “This civilian vessel was almost certainly attacked using a 7.62 mm caliber weapon from an armed utility helicopter, “The Saudi Arabia led coalition forces are the only parties to the conflict that have the capability to operate armed utility helicopters in the area,”

It is said that the helicopter was most likely operating from a naval vessel.

The report also details how this attack violates international humanitarian law, and threatens the peace and stability/security of Yemen. In the report, another similar attack by helicopters was mentioned, where two other attacks by similar helicopter forces on fishing vassals, left 8 dead and 12 injured.

“Attempts to divert responsibility in this manner from individual states to the Saudi Arabia-led coalition may contribute to further violations continuing with impunity,”

U.N officials this month warned and accused the actors of the conflict of facilitating a now unprecedented Cholera outbreak in the nation, that could affect millions who already have in large part lost access to clean water. The poorest count in the Middle East being attacked by the 2 richest countries of the world. While the world watches on silently.