U.S.-Backed Iraqi Army Kills 81 Civilians in Strike on Mosul


In international news, Iraq’s military has admitted its forces bombed a school in western Mosul in an attack on May 4 that left scores of civilians dead. The journalistic monitoring group Airwars reported the strike killed up to 81 civilians and left 86 others injured. Video posted online purports to show the aftermath of the attack, with dead children pulled from a flattened school. Iraq’s army denied targeting civilians, saying it instead targeted an ISIS bomb factory. The violence came as civilians trapped in Mosul reported desperate conditions. In the words of injured resident Qusay Adil Muhammad.

Qusay Adil Muhammad: “People are hungry and starving to death. There is nothing left. There isn’t any water. People are so thirsty they would drink from the well, which is full of diseases. Children and women were eating grass.”

Will the United States finally decide to disengage from the region? Or will continue the policy of funding radical groups and creating terror and chaos in the area.