Today’s reflection on tomorrow


The global market system was devised to pull wealth from the system and into the control of a self-sustaining investment ownership elite. This system has not been designed for mutual support, to bring human beings security, connection or sustainable living. Capitalism is not an ideology of entrepreneurship it is an ideology of domination through ownership; a descendent of feudalism, where the lords and nobles all have kingdoms and within those kingdoms; religious, military, political control, requiring a slave class, management class, merchant class; all striving to be the owners of their own slice of a kingdom, and have control over human beings who will then serve their eliteness.
The goals of our society depend on segregated human worth that allow the atrocities required for self-aggrandizement at the expense of human families classified as different, not as valuable and not as deserving of human dignity, so enslaving them, committing genocide to claim land and resources that then need to be purchased, creates benefits in establishing and maintaining scarcity and inequality that is taught as genetic or part of god’s greater plan. This learned system of beliefs sets the premise that some human beings can be disregarded allowed to starve as the investment ownership class claims the land and resources for their personal profit to control of human life.
The conflicts, hyper-competition, aggression, segregation, stratified human worth, areas of poverty, areas of wealth that depend on believing the depraved idea that this is the pinnacle of human achievement and this plateau of human achievement is beholden to the extensive and all powerful military the most power invention the solar system as ever known. In fact, we are primed with the idea that if not for the military we would not have our greatest technologies, because it is the military that produced such research. As if other lines of research, not designed to force human beings into submission for market grow, could not be as inventive.
This global dynamic of oppression requires ideas of stratified human value by gender, caste, class and race, it requires we are taught these differences at birth along with stories of the ‘gods’ that created the world this way and the punishments that await those that defy the stratified social dynamic that uses these teachings to justify the control the flow of money, determined by market growth that then controls life and death for the enrichment of the investment ownership class.
This way of life is no longer viable or acceptable with today’s knowledge and the expansion of knowledge into all gender, caste, class and races that reveal the fallacies our world has been built on. The fact that we are taught to live lies that turn one community against another in violent competition is the reason we are surrounded by disparity, death and destruction, the belief in different value of human beings that deserve different positions in the market driven world, means that our biological programming for empathy, connection, sharing and mediation to promote mutual stability be denied and beliefs that allow the investment ownership elite to expand their commodification of our world for their absolute control over have’s and have not’s and the language transmitting beliefs that justify a global economy with goals of destruction, poverty, starvation, massive divisions, along with extreme wealth be seen as superior and the end of the line. The fact that these ruling elites are the beneficiaries of a brutal legacy in which they are tyrannical rulers is eased, by the false beliefs that some human groups have no worth or use and no reason to be alive accept to serve the wealth and expansion of the investment ownership class, who are largely hidden behind the supernatural metaphor injected to justify the disparity that results in massive deaths, slavery; on the other side massive wealth, the invisible hand of the market, the invisible hand that is promoted as the “natural” selective force of the market.
This world is set up of principals that drove human culture centuries ago, maintained today by rigid religious beliefs, ever more violent and rigid law enforcement and a planet under siege by the most power military force ever. In fact, as I mentioned our technological boom is accredited to the military budget, through which all fantastic technology is the product of. All of this is hegemony that is no longer able to be sustained.
The human family is becoming painfully aware that this global organizational system is not functioning in our best interest, the principals and philosophies are fallacies designed to drive us farther from human possibilities and human achievement by insisting on denial of contemporary knowledge, established by science, by the avoidance of facts and the continued blaming and scapegoating of the systemic failures on groups of people that are actually victims in the system. These groups have been used for centuries to blame the failures of the system on. The fact is we are all victims either through the lack of necessities being available in the system or the moral void that the system requires to sustain its goals of self-interest, often hidden of the ability to distract ourselves with what we own.
So, human beings are promoting a new realization that applies the knowledge we have about ourselves, the planet, our social goals, economic possibilities and united human family. We are presenting ways of human social ideology that demonstrate by using our full complement of evolutionary abilities to construction our world, we can reconstruct mutual identity, used to promote mutual security, not under military threat but, to achieve the initiation of our human collective powers; when we set goals that bring every human beings into security, education, the ability to bring their humanity in to the world, for the betterment of all of us. This is what we are capable of and even if we knew it a century ago, we were incapable of achieving it as easily as we can today. We have emerged to a level that requires we set new aspirations and achievable goals for our planet, our global population and therefore how we will used the idea of the gods, to affirm our human abilities to connect, communicate, cooperate and construct community of, for and by the people that applies 21st century wisdom, with 21st century technology. We are doing this as we challenge and deconstruct the hegemony of global oppression set up during colonialism, which is why we see the backlash attempting to maintain the status quo…
Do you understand what is going on in the world is an intellectual revolution that will depend on the spread of knowledge, equality, human dignity and sustainable security for all…

I hope you are joining the movement, there is no stopping it, only delaying it by deception and destruction, which we see clearly in the leadership in the world today. We need to be patient and realize that this needs to be a revolution of the mind, of awareness, of belief founded on the respect for life. This emergence will unfold, not at gun point , but by learning and applying what we know about; ourselves, our possibilities, our relatedness and our responsibility in creating the world we live within.