Thousands Protest in Spain After Court Clears Men of 2016 Gang Rape


In Spain, thousands of people poured into the streets in cities across the country in protest, after five men accused of gang-raping a teen girl back in 2016 were found not guilty of rape, and were convicted of only the lower charge of sexual abuse. The five men, who called themselves “wolf pack,” lured the teenage girl into a building and repeatedly raped her while filming the assault on their cell phones. The men’s lawyers claimed that the video footage showing the woman immobile, with her eyes squeezed shut, was evidence of consent. This is social worker Adriana Monparle, speaking at a protest in Madrid Thursday.

Adriana Monparle: “To be honest I feel shame we are still in a country like this one. In the 21st century, they are saying this is just abuse. Just an abuse but she had to defend herself. I feel shame.”

And in more news about violence against women, the Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall. He has admitted to dismembering her body and dumping her into the sea.