Reflections on the Nation I Was Born in


 We have allowed our progress as a nation to be halted. We have permitted our membership in the human race to be continually fractured, each of us maintaining a self-destructive fiction that persists for economic dominance resulting in reinforced segregation, escalating violence and growing ignorance fortified in arrogance. Leadership sustained by the bullied subjugation of our national soul. I have certainly never seen the likes of this total failure in my life time, though I am confident it is a demonstrative element reflecting our nation’s brutally oppressive organization in the past. It appears this will lead to impending intensified violence, probably civil war, to maintain aspects of our cultural memes that preserve an economic system that is constructed upon organizational atrocities that require ignorance that commands obedience. We had progress; we were on the path to enlightenment and a life changing realization about our human family. Unfortunately this realization would depose our ruling elite exposing their system of domination, based on the persistence of ignorance and disparity. So, a campaign against education, science and human connection was launched. The defunding of public schools to limit their success, opening the idea of privatized, tax funded ventures that pull taxes into private hands, while having complete control over what is presented on their campuses, the promotion of ignorance as preferable to the progress we are lead to by scientific discoveries is a primary dialogue, finally the disparaging of democracy, as inferior to self-interest.

These have all been fictions that actually cause deeper conflict and segregation perpetuating the heart of our problem, effectively masquerading to eclipse the central source of our agony, capitalism. Often capitalism is portrayed as entrepreneurship but in fact, capitalism is the manufacture of the market, for the private ownership and rule of a moneyed elite, through investment privatization. Capitalism is a descendant of feudalism, where the false idea of a sovereign rule granted to a king, by a “god”, gave way to the ownership of property (let’s remember, human beings can still be classified as property), by an elite ruling class, allowing unchallenged control over the population through privatization and ownership that a vast majority of people cannot compete with. Like with feudalism, labels of stratified human worth had to be acculturated into the beliefs of personal identities, facilitating the population’s participation in the construction and maintenance of poverty, slavery and wars of conquest as normalized expectations in human organization. Compounded exponentially by the spread of colonialism around the globe, developing the market for elite private ownership and incorporating a new idea of human exclusion, race, which goes so far as to exclude people from the human family, those physical differences from their European conquerors were taught to determine what they deserved a category invented to remove humanity from our human interactions. The classification turned human beings into creatures crawling on the earth, lesser life forms than “man”, more akin to cows, pigs and sheep. This all relied on the control of knowledge, which at the time was easy, because we had little knowledge that was scientific, no mass communication and science’s youth made it extremely vulnerable to cultural influences. Today the scientific ethic is more developed and the information science has revealed is transformative. Our contemporary understanding and knowledge, discovered with science, carries with it the power to transform how we have been indoctrinated to perceive humanity, our origins and our adaptations. These revelations are an epiphany pulling us away from the colonial system that has become neoliberalism, exposing the power structures dependent on ignorance within the masses to remain in power. A power, compounded by the using contrived fear of each other, to motivate dependents on these leaders, who manufacture fear, for their control, and they will be the first to tell you, only they can save them from the “other”, have faith in them and the god that has given them power over you.

Our segregation maintained by ignorance in my country as led to the election of an extremely supremacist group, hired to force the nation completely under the control of the investment ownership elite. These elite create a dogma of capitalism, because money is both their source of control and elevation to godhood, as it is used to segregate, turn one group against another, while we fight each other within the manufactured scarcity, established by the investment ownership elite to keep us a part, to force us into ignorant self-interest and brutal competition for survival. The market provides a dynamic allowing the investment ownership elite’s use of the market to remain unquestioned and safe behind the façade of a benign invisible hand. A manipulation using labels of segregation that divide people by gender, class and race; separations of quality, for dominance, by creating a group who are believed to be a disgrace, because they are poor, not included and acting from this place of isolation and despair; categories that provide scapegoats. Built on ideological constructions from a different age, when human understanding was limited, and the investment ownership elite understand, the limits of knowledge and understanding must be maintained to maintain this archaic system of slavery, imprisonment and perpetual war, supporting their elite position… These conditions are not our biology, they have now come to be seen as the antithesis of our evolutionary biology; we now know these ideas are cultural conditionings, memes, we are ignoring science to maintain these memes that carry this failed system from generation to generation. The depth of the atrocities is broadening as keeping our knowledge at bay is requiring more dogmatic and violent response teams to contain knowledge and snuff out the progress in scientific realizations. In the long run, no one cannot contain human emergence, simply make our transformations more painful and destructive, to hold off our advance as long as possible, to maintain the current system. This is the world we are living in now, the triumph of ignorance will fall, but unfortunately I believe it intends to take all of us with it, that is the problem with ideas of supremacy, you bury the servants with the masters, when they die or in this case, cease to have relevance. I am not sure how to minimize the damage, I am simply making observations; but having the realization may motivate people to come together, joining in a revolution of understanding that reinforces our connections, our capabilities and our humanity. Eventually this will make the investment elite irrelevant to our lives and no longer in the possession of our will. We can be identifying and dismantling these fictional barriers ideologically constructed between us, the courage it requires in reaching out to the humanity in each other, building coops of support within our communities and across previously defined communities will minimize the agony that is upon us. Situating us for what is to be our future. Our greatest resistance to transformation and emergence comes from our personal allegiance to a system that depends on our separation and ignorance to remain in charge over our lives. This will be a revolution of the mind, of our ideas of what is possible, of our global human identity. It must be won, without guns, it must be a learning process of awakening to a new perception and experience of our humanity, our ingenuity our ability to bond, communicate, build and cooperate in constructing a world of mutual support and connections. Even with the massive populations today, we have the technology, knowledge and understanding to implement this personal and collective growth, what we need to add, to make it work, is our personal courage and time. Slowly through spreading knowledge and awareness of the information we have in the 21st century compared to what we knew in the 19th century can break the chains of status divisions from materialism and build the bonds of humanity and mutual interest.