New Wikileaks Shows Hillary Was Told to “Act like Sanders and Speak like Obama” to Get Voters


Newest Wikileaks

The 23rd batch of emails from the account of Hillary Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta have been published by Wikileaks. 36,000 emails have been released from the whistle-blowing site, Wiki Leaks. They have vowed to publish a total of 50,000 emails before the Presidential Election on November 8th.

Emails were released from Hillary’s big supporter and The Hill columnist written to Podesta  expressed concern over Bill Clinton’s lack of visibility in the campaign.

“If it wasn’t important enough for him [Bill] to do compared to other things he is doing, shame on him,” Budowsky notes, before harshly criticizing Clinton campaign staff: “[S]ome of the people around her – not you but others – are dumber than bird sh*t when it comes to modern public opinion and modern politics.”


The columnist also mentioned directly that the best way for Clinton to tackle possible Democratic primary rivals US Senator Bernie Sanders and US Vice President Joe Biden is for her to become “more authentically populist, not as far as Bernie but much more so than she has been.”

“As for Bill, he should have been a visible presence all along, he is the great validator in American politics, the Babe Ruth of national politics when almost all other politicians, including Hillary, are widely distrusted… Bill is the closest to a recognizable model of the kind of president Americans would be happy with in 2016,”Budowsky adds.

‘She doesn’t have Obama speech skills’

Sunday’s email release includes a thread among Clinton aides discussing her “speech skills”. In the June 13, 2015 exchange, Tom Nides, Clinton’s deputy secretary of state for management, praises a speech recently given by Clinton.

Podesta responds: “Bumpy ride to get there, but great result.”Nides then said : “It was perfect. Good OBAMA stuff, good checking box on issues, good personal and great tv pictures. She doesn’t have OBAMA speech skills but she doesn’t need to.”

It’s not clear exactly which speech or appearance the exchange refers to, as Clinton gave an NBC interview as well as a public address in Cleveland that day in which she spoke about the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida the night before.

This with other emails that have been released show there is a vested interest with the Democratic establishment to let Hillary win and Sanders be undermined.