US, Britain and NATO Sending over 50,000 Troops to Russia’s Border. Is WW3 Around the Corner?

NATO Sending

Direct Intentions have been Made

 Britain has announced today that it will send military fighter jets towards the Romanian border soon and the United States has gone forward in promising troops, tanks and artillery to Poland. This build-up on Russia’s borders are the biggest since the height of the Cold War.

The NATO gang is back

Germany, Canada and other NATO allies have also pledged forces at a meeting of defense ministers meeting in Brussels. In Madrid, the foreign ministry has announced that Russia had withdrawn a request to refuel three warships in Spain’s North African enclave of Cueta after NATO accused them of being used to target civilians in Syria.

Nato Secretary- General Jens Stoltenberg announced troop contribution to a new 4000- strong force in the Baltics and eastern Europe were a “measured response to what the alliance believes are some 330,000 Russian troops stationed on Russia’s western flank near Moscow.

“This month alone, Russia has deployed nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad and suspended a weapons-grade plutonium agreement with the United States,” Stoltenberg said, also accusing Russia of continued support for rebels in Ukraine.

Future Plans

NATO’s plan is to send 4 groups of 4000 soldiers, as well as 40,000 strong-rapid reaction force. Britain is also sending thousands of troops, including Typhoon fighter aircraft. This pattern of escalation started around the Crimea issue, but now has developed into something much bigger.

Is World War 3 around the corner?