Montana Congressional Candidate Greg Gianforte Body-Slammed Reporter


Back in the United States, in Montana, Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte has been charged with assault after he body-slammed a Guardian reporter to the floor Wednesday night, only hours before polls open for the special election today. Gianforte, a tech millionaire who is backed by Trump, attacked Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs as Jacobs was trying to ask about the Republican healthcare plan. This is audio Jacobs captured of the incident.

Greg Gianforte: “We’ll talk to you about that later.”
Ben Jacobs: “Yeah, but there’s not going to be time. I was just curious if you have the act right now.”
Greg Gianforte: “OK, speak with Shane, please. Just—I’m sick and tired of you guys! The last guy that came in here, you did the same thing! Get the hell out of here!”
Ben Jacobs: “Jesus!”
Greg Gianforte: “Get the hell out of here! The last guy did the same thing. You with The Guardian?”
Ben Jacobs: “Yes! And you just broke my glasses.”
Greg Gianforte: “You—the last guy did the same damn thing.”
Ben Jacobs: “You just body-slammed me and broke my glasses.”
Greg Gianforte: “Get the hell out of here!”
Ben Jacobs: “You’d like me to get out of here. I’d also like to call the police.”
That was reporter Ben Jacobs being attacked by Montana congressional candidate Greg Gianforte Wednesday night. Voters are now heading to the polls to decide between Gianforte and Democratic candidate Rob Quist to fill Montana’s at-large House seat, which was vacated by now-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. The $10 million closely watched race is seen as a referendum on the Trump administration. More than 70 percent of voters in Montana have already cast their ballots in the election.