London’s High Court Rejects Effort to End Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia


In Britain, London’s High Court has rejected a bid to end weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, amid the devastating Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen. The group Campaign Against the Arms Trade had tried to block the sale of British-made bombs and fighter jets, arguing their use in the bombing campaign in Yemen has violated international law. On Monday, speaking at the British Parliament, British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on Prime Minister Theresa May to end the weapons sales.

Jeremy Corbyn: “Will she halt immoral arms sales to Saudi Arabia, as Germany has done, and back Germany’s call to end the bombing in Yemen?”
But on Monday, the High Court dismissed the case, drawing condemnation from Human Rights Watch and other international groups. Human Rights Watch has documented over 80 apparently unlawful Saudi-led coalition attacks in Yemen that have hit schools, markets, homes and hospitals. The airstrikes and Saudi naval blockade have also devastated the country’s health, water and sanitation systems, sparking a massive cholera outbreak that has now infected 300,000 people—with an estimated 7,000 new cases every single day.