I think we need to stop letting ourselves be divided by culturally defined categories


I think we need to stop letting ourselves be divided by culturally defined categories. Our global market, the local and global economic structure, is founded and maintained, on ideas of gender, class and race stratification. We all must part take in the economy to survive and have status. Yes, people like me have an advantage and people like me watch racial discrimination on T.V. and think we know and we actually have no clue about racism, and that is our privilege. We struggle for class status like everyone, but if we are male heterosexuals of European descent the condemnation and barriers we face pales to nonwhites, woman, transgender and non-heteros. The system was designed to transfer wealth, power and status to white, hetero, males in the name of the Christian God.


Individuals are racist, classist, sexist, but the global market system, established by western European males during colonialism, using the idea of God to justify their dominance is the environment are brains develop within, we are taught to play our roles in a preset system. Yes, individuals are racist and sexist and classist, but this things are about the system dynamics of legislation, beliefs, traditions that maintain the dominance of white males, heterosexuals in the name of God, over every one else, this is a specific economic discrimination. Nonwhites are not racist, they are reacting to their own oppression and exploitation, the dismissal of their value and humanity in a system designed to justify brutal in equality, that maintains deadly poverty and mega-super wealthy with these deceptions of human worth.The same with each group that is purposely underprivileged to allow the privileged to reign supreme in the name of God. And when we maintain the divides between each other we lose the connection we need to communicate a new world view, establish new relationships based on what we know today, not what we believed centuries ago.

I have trouble with racist and classist friends and relatives. I avoid them sometimes, often, because it hurts to see them cherishing their ignorance as status. Race, class, gender categories were designed to divide and conquer the people. I think we need to stop playing the systems game and reconnect, talk of our experiences, learning to build new ideas of human relationships and definitions for our status…

Cause the system itself cannot subsist, if we stop the fighting and come together to form a new system from 21st century scientific paradigms, instead of paradigms established to conquer the planet for the status and wealth of the investment owner elite and their capital hegemony, from western European empires.