How we can use the best of our human potential


The way I see it
We can view human adaptive potential as a continuum…
Initiated by cultural goals and paradigms designed and implemented by human beings ourselves.

On one side of the spectrum expression comes from fear; setting goals of domination that segregate, creating values of stratified worth, dismissing mutual cooperation in favor of constructing exploitative relationships of hierarchical domination using fear as the central motivation for social organizational relationships. Creating restrictive divisions, denying our human potential within parameters constructed to serve brutal ego through intimidation, perpetuating a struggle for personal recognition through violence, death and the willingness to promote an atmosphere of oppression to serve ego, by any means necessary…
A world that maintains deception, violence, divisions and the need to enforce ignorance to deny our emergent humanity and maintain the status quo


On the other we can accept our mutual ability to meet human necessities of nutrition, companionship, security and purpose using our cultural adaptation to promote; connections, communication, collaborating to eliminate fear through mutual cooperation in constructing sustainable cultural dynamics with goals to develop well balanced social ambassadors, not simply from one sector, but within every member around the globe.
A world built by setting goals of mutual fulfillment though individual realization, dependent on the construction of peaceful gratification in the initiation of our collective emergent humanity, together

The question becomes what kind of world do you want your children to have influence the expression of their human potential???
What do you want to inspire your human potential???