How the Rich Convince Society to Despise the Poor and Working Class


Have you ever noticed how those designated by the investment ownership class as labor always have disparaging labels designed to convince the general population these human beings, who labor, do not deserve dignity, human recognition or rights and that they are lucky to be allowed to produce cheap stuff promoting economic growth for investors and momentary ego boosting products for the general population consumers. I have…

And I see how it lowers our human potential, we not only segregate ourselves from other human beings to ignore how they are brutalized, used with no recognition of their contributions or equality, they, more often than not, are allowed only enough compensation, to stay alive and labor another day, we have to deny portions of our own humanity to facilitate this in our world. We did not set it this system up, but we maintain inhumanity in society and within ourselves for cultural and personal pride (status and prestige), requiring we live in avoidance and denial of the world we are perpetuating. This perpetuates the limitations in the realization of our humanity, because this system was established when our understanding of our humanity was under developed compared to what we understand today. Our possibilities, as a global emergent species is eclipsed by the divisive moral standards required to maintain our current global economy, because it requires we sustain ignorance to justify continuously validated immorality in Disregarding human families that have lived in areas that are claimed for the extraction of resources, the minimizing of human worth, by class and race, to justify slavery and contemporary sweatshop labor, refusing livable wages and deconstructing unions that provide leverage for those who open the doors, stock the shelves, produce the goods and provide the services at the very foundation of our economy, further distribution denies most of the human population access in the wealth and ability to maintain a standard lifestyle that provides sustainable security. Finally disposal of toxic and waste materials often demonstrate disregard on the effects on human health and even directly cause human mortality rates to rise, these breeches of humanity are constructed to perpetuate continual growth in market profits to the investment ownership class, denying the purpose of a human economy, to support human societies, we are taught to ignore that value of human life, to maintain a stratified society in which the investment ownership class is dominant in all things, but their goals and manipulations causing instability by manufacturing scarcity, to maintain this obsolete system, is hidden behind the metaphor of the invisible hand of the market. The continuation of such a destructive system within the knowledge and technology of today requires people embrace and embrace ignorance and ignorance is always guarded with arrogance, a hubris that defies being educated, because it is protecting ego over all else, in this case the ego of the symbolic accumulation of money, the symbolic value money becomes synonymous with human worth that is why we allow such pathological distribution of wealth and rigidly enforce the stratified status quo with laws directed to further demean humanity by criminalizing human beings and setting a standard of how labelling people can remove their humanity with specific labels, conversely, labels can lift human beings above the law and above moral reproach. This is where our economic system requires we remain stagnated; making sure massive disparity be embraced as personal status, familial pride and national patriotism, secured in the name of god… All of which (including ideas of god) are cultural manifestations of belief and the values those beliefs maintain, for cultural purposes, culture is built on knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, expanding understanding, our emergent collective adaptation. Ignorance, maintaining the status quo, in the face of transformational knowledge, stops culture from its emergent purpose and denies the progress of our humanity, demeaning the evolutionary adaptive value of our humanity, replacing humanity with commodities and replacing the experience of being with the status of having.

Like you, I was raised in these beliefs of stratified human worth, however, I can no longer support such a torturous existence, once you have the fortune or misfortune to see what we are doing to each other for the profit and control of a self-declared royal status class, in this superimposed fictional construction, maintained by extreme deception, to validate brutally stomping out any possibility of a way forward to a higher level of human potentiality for yourself and the human race, one begins to realize we are denying your own humanity to serve the ego of a symbolic system of dominance constructed in a time when our understand and knowledge was minimal to what we know today, for the ego of the investment ownership class. We awaken to the options of continuing to adopt the investment ownership class’s idea of the optimal human experience; what we own and control is the value of who we are or we wake up to the reality that our humanity is ever expanding who we are and what we are capable of being is continuously emerging with our expanding awareness, which literally has nothing to do with money, what we own or who we declare dominance over, except the control over ourselves and our fears, enabling humanity to blossom and connections to expand humanities possibilities, the monetary market cannot exist in an atmosphere of equity, it was designed to prevent secure, sustainable human equity, connection and cooperation establishing a mutual global community forged on collaboration inside the natural laws of the universe, which then grounds our ego to our ultimate reality, the nature of the universe.

We collectively lay our new possibilities and potentials for understanding and actualizing our humanity, within a world that has been a recent emergence with in the explosive release of energy we call, the big bang. Energy gives us mass as an inorganic form, give rise to organic living organism and so begins the struggle for survival, awareness and emergence with in the laws of the universe. We have evolved to have the energy of emergence as our adaptation, the ability to conceptualize reality and live it, conceptualize reality and test the validity of what we imagine and to conceptualize ourselves in any way imaginable. We have our limitations, but for now ego as are greatest barrier, to our continued application of knowledge allowing our continued transformation. There was a time when ego motivated the accumulation of creature comforts. Prestige and status were based on domination for prideful ego satisfaction; this reflection of who we are is archaic, oppressive and an obsolete abusive system for profit a symbolic system divined to maintain the status quo of the mpost brutally deceptive rule. The status quo perpetualizing the realization of self through having, consuming and dominating, stunts human maturation and realization. We are beings, and experiencing our humanity, our emergent ability of being is why we are here it is our transcendent adaptation.

Today we are indoctrinated into experiencing our lives through having, through commodification and consumption for ego, within the ideas and goals to maintain another’s ego. This is a menial way to experience living, it has been the best we could achieve with the expansion of populations, density stress, competition and desire of ego recognition, within scarcity because of the limitations of the day. But a life of scarcity, struggle and violence is now simply being artificially maintained, for the ego of the self-proclaimed royal class.

When you realize and awaken to how our economic foundation is a formidable barrier to our self-realization as individuals and as a global population, because those controlling the system have commodified our ego, we have allowed ourselves to be commodified into the struggle competing for our position as a commodity to be bought, sold or allowed to buy and sell, depending on the recognition of our productivity by the investment ownership class. There was a time this was what our limits were, a time we struggled with resource scarcity, high competition. However, we now have exponentially greater knowledge of ourselves and the universe, if we are allowed to embrace it. We have technology to facilitate labor free production, renewable natural energy able to be harnessed and produced from every corner of the planet, the ability to live in abundance within the laws of nature, allowing our human nature to flourish and open the spiritual pathway to endless human potentiality and realization, that the contemporary system fears, because it gives us all the potential to rise to our highest human experience within our life time, not be subservient to the petty ego stimulus of a segregated elite that requires our participation to perpetuate their facade.

No human being is illegal, no human being is cheap labor, no human being is underprivileged, no human being is a criminal a terrorist, a inferior race, unless we make them that way by force and that requires we explicitly or implicitly deny our humanity, to deny theirs, adopting the hubris of arrogance to guard our ignorance, trading our human potentiality and experience for the experience of temporary ego stimulation. And this ignorance as a global goal to fulfill petty temporary is killing us from the inside out…