Hillary Clinton Linked to the Assassination of Human Rights Politician Running for Office in Honduras’ son.


Human rights organizations have turned their attention because another assassination of a leader in Honduras, this time of the son of a prominent resistance activist, defender of human rights and aspiring progressive candidate for local political office with the anti-establishment party. Fernando Aleman Banegas was shot dead in the early hours of Monday morning when he was going inside his car leaving a club in La Ceiba. The gunmen then left the scene on a motorcycle.

Aleman’s mother, Elsy Banegas, has accompanied the campesinos struggle for years as the President of the Coordinator of Popular Organizations of the Aguan, known as COPA, a human rights group focused on labor and campesino issues in the region. She also is an aspiring mayoral candidate for Tacoa, an offshoot of a popular resistance movement in the wake of the 2009 U.S backed coup. She was trying to push for a constituent assembly to rewrite the Honduran constitution at the ballet box for street resistance.

Latin American government agency TeleSur claims Hillary is complicit in this: Human rights organizations have stressed that the United States — which under the leadership of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped secure the 2009 coup — is complicit in the ongoing crisis in Honduras and must cut all aid funding to the Honduran government and military.

This comes after other environmental rights activists were killed in the area.