Here’s how you can help Puerto Rico 550 days after Hurricane Maria


Donate here to help fund an environmental justice training program for Puerto Rican youth.


Last week Harvard University released a study reporting that the death toll in the hurricane Maria aftermath is not 64 deceased as the official government count stated, rather we are saddened to hear that some 4,645 Puerto Rican lives have been lost solely in the 14 weeks or so after the hurricane, over 70 times more deaths than originally reported.

Of course, the challenges of Puerto Rico didn’t start with hurricane Maria and alternatively are characterized by deeply rooted issues such as debilitating debt, suffocating neocolonialism, and the obstruction of imported resources facilitated by the Jones Act of 1920.

Last month during international workers day, demonstrators who were protesting ever more austerity cuts in San Juan were brutally attacked by police forces. Despite the cruelty exhibited by the local and federal government, the people’s quest for justice and liberation remains unwavering.

While coverage of the tragic Puerto Rican developments remains negligible on conventional media, we know that only the people can defend the people, so we humbly ask for your donation to help make sure that youth can be empowered to become the leaders their people need and enact change in their community.

This summer the Sierra Student Coalition will be hosting a weeklong training intensive for Boricua youth (SPROG) to gain the skills necessary to build climate resilience and the grassroots resistance needed to aid them in this struggle for a brighter future.

Please watch this video of one of our program coaches and a dedicated environmental justice advocate, Amira, speaking about her community reforestation efforts post-Maria and the struggle to survive on the island without water, power, and looming food insecurity.


Can’t donate at this time? Please help our efforts by forwarding this message to your friends and colleagues!


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