Former Vice President Al Gore calls Dakota Access Pipeline “An Atrocity” while Obama stays silent

Oct. 23, 2012 - US President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore during a light moment at a White House event August 17, 1999 in Washington, DC. (Credit Image: © Richard Ellis/

n Washington, D.C., former Vice President Al Gore has spoken out against another pipeline, the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, while speaking at The New York Times Global Leaders’ Collective conference.

Al Gore: “The massive investment in these pipeline infrastructure projects will be amortized over 50 to 75 years, and we need that capital to flow into renewables. This Standing Rock project is an atrocity. It is an absolute atrocity. And I wish that President Obama would step in before there is more violence out there against those—they call themselves water protectors. This is an embarrassment to our country. All those promises have been broken for so long. Using water cannons in subfreezing temperatures, that’s inhumane.”

When even the vice president of the empire and the president elect of 2000 (see Florida Bush and Gore Recount) can admit the obvious, why won’t Obama?