Ecuador Cut Julian Assange’s Internet Access After Clinton Leak, WikiLeaks Confirms

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Julian Assange’s Internet Access cut by Ecuador

Early this week, WikiLeaks tweeted that the internet connection of Julian Assange was cut down, intentionally. for which it blamed an unidentified “state party.” It was a surprise that it was the Ecuador who is believed to be behind this.


It is said that this action was taken in response to the release of another batch of E-Mails, exposing the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Since 2012, Julian Assange has been living in Ecuador’s London embassy, when he was granted asylum by the Ecuador government after a British court ordered his extradition to Sweden to face questioning on a rape allegation.

There is a probability if Assange is extradited to Sweden, he would consequently be extradited to United states, where he is facing federal charges for his role in obtaining and exposing the classified information.

Even though the Ecuadorian government had released no comment about the ceasing the internet access, but a source at the Ecuadorian Ministry in Ecuador told the Press Association:

Ecuador will continue to protect Julian Assange and uphold the political asylum granted to him in 2012.

Where it all started?

All of this was started last week when WikiLeaks released three transcripts of Clinton’s paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, which the Democratic National Committee (DNC) campaign had long refused to release. In the leak, it has been revealed that the Clinton said she would like to intervene in the affairs of Syria secretly.


WikiLeaks also posted a new series of leaked emails

WikiLeaks has posted against and exposed the democratic party in past few months, while they constantly denied any association a Russian hacking group. Julian Assange has refused for disclosing the sources for these hacked DNC emails.

There are a couple of allegations on Hilary Clinton, like corruption, according to the new leaks which suggested one of her close aides tried to force the FBI to change the classification level of one of her emails while the federal agency was investigating her.

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