Defense Company Raytheon’s Stock Skyrockets After Trump Launches Attack on Syria!


Shares of Raytheon are up this morning after U.S. President Donald Trump ordered missile strikes against the Syrian government after its chemical gas attack on civilians.

The U.S. used tomahawk missile made by Raytheon in Arizona at its Tucson-based missile division.

Raytheon’s stock (NYSE: RTN) is up $1.28 in morning trades at $152.03.

Raytheon (RTN) is up 7.15 percent so far this year and 11.24 percent the past six months, according to Google Finance.

Arizona has a significant defense sector. That includes Honeywell International (NYSE: HON) which has its aerospace division based in Phoenix, General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) in Scottsdale and Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) in Mesa. Raytheon has more than 10,000 employees in Arizona and its Tucson missile division.

The U.S. strikes on a Syrian air base come after a chemical gas attack suspected to be from President Bashar al-Assad’s government that killed and hurt civilians including children and women in the Middle Eastern country’s Civil War.