Clinton Accidently Tweets That She’s One of ‘the Most Corrupt, Least Popular Candidates of all Time’, but not as bad as Trump


Hillary Clinton’s campaign tweeted a link  recently that was meant to be against the Republican party presidential nominee Donald Trump but also exposing her own corruption. She posted an article that is titled “How to choose between the most corrupt, least popular candidate of all time”


But it listed just one for Clinton, that she had ‘Poor email server management.’

The list said it gave a ‘complete accountings of the candidates’ offenses and misdemeanors’ and suggested voters to choose any candidate with their decision. The online magazine published the list in light of FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reveal the bureau was once again looking at Clinton’s emails.

The Clinton camp sent out the tweet with the staid headline, ‘ A guide to help you make your choice for president.’

But there was just one point listed for Clinton, that she had ‘Poor Email server management’.

Slate’s list catalogued hundreds of statements by Trump, from condoning torture to off-hand remarks from his rallies.

The number 5 on the list states that Trump advocated the ‘assassination’ of the families of the terrorists.

Many other points listed for Trump that he: ‘said treat women like sh*t’, urged supporters to beat up the protesters, made fun of reporter’s physical disability, advocated shutting down the mosques and said women should be punished for having abortions.

Many other points are familiar. Some of them are used by Clinton’s campaign against Trump.

As the list continues, there are some other points like:

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But on the other hand, there’s no mention of Clinton’s paid speeches in the list.

The list’s minimization of the server question to ‘poor’ management, while facetious, doesn’t match what Clinton herself has said about it. She apologized about it twice Monday on the campaign trail.