Afghanistan: A Subsidiary of Perpetual War Inc.



It’s hard to believe that the U.S. has been waging a war in Afghanistan for 17 years. It’s even harder to fathom that the war could last a lot longer according to a recent U.S. intelligence report. This report isn’t anything we didn’t already know, anyone paying attention to the Afghan conflict understands that the war rages on with no merciful end in sight. Those of us educated on the matter understand that this is all by design, war-profiteering corporations aren’t interested in ending wars as by doing so they undermine their business interests. These people get paid so long as the bullets and bombs keep flying, literally, and to expect them to want peace carries with it the equivalency of a slaughter house advocating veganism.

If you’re selling death it isn’t in your interests to have peace – peace doesn’t make you profits.The mass murder industry (arms and energy corporations, banks, etc.) have a vested interest in war. Call them the architects of death, they influence politicians to create conflict and then go on to appoint themselves as the ones responsible for satisfying the needs of the military to sustain the violence. The longer the war, the more the profits. Fortunately for the purveyors of death the business expenses of their enterprise are imposed on the American taxpayer while the profits are reserved strictly for themselves.

Why are we in Afghanistan? It’s overtly clear that the media narratives and explanations for invading the nation were constructed entirely from false premises. Elevating the standard of living for Afghan People, keeping America safe; all of these statements were brazen lies that anyone familiar with the effects of organized violence could understand.

Helping the Afghan People? Is killing and displacing people from their homes a measure of humanitarian aid? What about arming a government that oppresses its people and engages in corruption in many ways worse than the previous government (Taliban) we were told we had to get rid of to help Afghans in the first place? Search “Afghan Government corruption” in your browser and bear witness to the myriad of reports outlining vile behavior enforced by the good guys in Afghanistan receiving U.S. taxpayer money.

The war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with keeping Americans safe or helping the Afghan People, to the contrary it exposes them to retaliatory violence from distraught victims on the receiving end of U.S. warfare. It is delusional to think that by creating enemies we are making ourselves safer; the only thing that war protects is the quarterly profits of those financially benefiting from its conception.

If we’re not helping the people of Afghanistan and we’re not keeping America safe, why then would we continue the war in Afghanistan? These are questions that those in power would prefer you don’t ask, much less answer.

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