A real-life “Hunger Games” reality show is coming to Russia


A real-life Hunger Games-style TV show is coming to Russia even though the organisers of the show won’t “intervene to stop physical assault, rape and murder.” 

A group of people from all around the world has agreed to take part in this show, where fighting, raping and even murder is allowed and there would be no intervention from the organisers.

The deadly contest, dubbed “Game2:Winter,” will be held on a remote Siberian Island in the Ob River and broadcast worldwide on the internet starting in July, according to the Siberian Times.

There are 30 contestants who are only armed with the knives will have to tackle with bears, wolves and each other in a remote Siberian Island during nine months.

Contestant Irena Agisheva, a 30 years swimming coach from Nizhny Novgorod
Image: Siberian Times
Matts David Goldberg is one of the contestants hoping to take part in the brutal show.
Image: Siberian Times
The ad for the Russian reality show which starts in July.
Image: The Siberian Times

“We will not intervene into relations between participants nor monitor their sexual life either,” Pyatkovsky told the Times. “They are free to form any couple or union, and there is no limits or rules regarding sex. If a woman falls pregnant — and manages to carry the baby — that’s fine with us. We will show the baby after the project is over.”

After their arrival, contestants will be tasked with building a house or shelter and be provided with winter clothes, tools and fishing gear. Later on in the game, they will have to track down a group of “criminals” who will be released from a nearby jail, Pyatkovsky said.

“The task will be to catch the criminals, and whoever does so gets a prize from a sponsor,” he said.

Pyatkovsky’s project had been in the works for several years before finally coming to fruition, he added.

“There is nothing like this show in the whole world,” the Russian explained. “No one has done it as a real thing where people will actually have to use every skill they ever gained, social, physical, psychological, to survive.”