29% of Pakistan in Extreme Poverty While Government Spends Billions on Weapons preparing to Fight the Indian Army


ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Planning and Development gave a speech on Wednesday at the  National Assembly declaring that 29.5 percent of the total population was living far belowthe poverty line, which translates to abject or EXTREME Poverty.

In a written statement, it was mentioned that about 50.3 million people were earning only Rs 3,030 monthly, which is alarming for country’s per capita income.

Ministry of Finance told the house that investments of $19.8 million from food department, $136 million from petrochemicals and $59 million from metal products were reduced in last fiscal year.

It was also stated that investments were also observed ineffective in trade, mining, pharmaceuticals and cemetery sectors due to international recession and energy crisis.

National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq Speaker expressed his resentment over not getting reply from finance ministry and warned the parliamentary secretary of severe consequences.

Right now as Pakistan prepares its millitary for the Indian offense via Kashmir, it has spent billions in dollars, while its own citizens are on the streets begging for food.